I believe we are now coming full circle back to the sensibilities that were emerging in the 1960s, despite or perhaps partly because of the radicalism of that era.

We are daring to believe once again in a more sustainable version of "having it all:" being truly authentic as individuals, creating durable and nourishing connections with others, and having a positive impact in our spheres of influence.

We birthed this sustainable happiness version of "having it all" in the 1960s to counteract the excessive conformity, replacement of intimacy with consumerism, and exaggerated social fear about questioning the status quo that gripped the US during the 1950s.

Today’s economic crisis and widespread integrity deficits are birthing a new and valuable response to the immense damage that was created by our society’s expanding narcissistic excesses and entitlement mentality over the past 30 years: an integrity-centered socially responsible version of "having it all."

We will be the better as individuals, families, communities, businesses and society, for embracing and embodying this happiness formula.