Dr. David Gruder presents…
A Guide to Decide: What to Consider in Selecting Who You Vote For in 2020

This guide provides a nonpartisan framework for deciding who to vote for in the 2020 elections — from President to local offices to everyone in between — based on the set of qualities you most want that leader to have. Download and complete the attached PDF, and feel more solid in your selections. Then be sure to vote… in person if at all possible.

Dr. David Gruder is the 12-award-winning integrative psychologist and Human Potential Strategist & Tactician who equips leaders & influencers to become SuperChange Catalysts™ who facilitate “Self-Sovereignty That Serves Us All + Governance That Serves Self-Sovereignty™. As President of Integrity Culture Systems™, he provides keynotes, training, consulting, & mentoring worldwide in making integrity profitable, entrepreneurs effective, collaborative teams productive, happiness sustainable, and society healthy. Named America’s Integrity Expert by Radio-TV Interview Report, Dr. Gruder is the recipient of an unusually broad range of awards, a few of of which include visionary leadership, conscious business, health & wellness, social change, culture creation, and current events in politics & society. He has been featured dozens of times in Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, and NonProfit Performance magazines, and has authored, co-authored, or been featured in 24 books.